This document describes the API resources in the XClaim product, available for Cover Genius partners to use within it's ecosystem.
These are the API endpoints that may be required for integration.
Afterward, you would orchestrate the collection of data from the customer for that claim type (based on the fields required - as returned by the FNOL), and when ready, create a new claim with that data. Any files should be uploaded beforehand, and their UUIDs used as the values of the respective FNOL data fields.

API Overview

This is a JSON REST API, which aims to be compatible with the JSON:API specification.
When making API requests, please use application/json in the Content-Type header.
In terms of authentication, you should obtain a JWT, as described in the Authentication page. You should use it in the Authorization header like so;
Bearer <TOKEN>


XClaim supports seamless translations for all content that is customer-facing. However, not all content is translated (and not to every language) by default - it depends on your specific use cases. This is something to discuss with the partnerships team.
If you are in a situation where you are supporting multiple languages, you can ensure that XClaim returns translated content, by using the Accept-Language header. The specific locales supported, depend on your integration.
Some examples;
  • Accept-Language: zh-hans
  • Accept-Language: zh-hant_tw
  • Accept-Language: ru
  • Accept-Language: pt-br
The default locale for our platform is en.
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