XCover enables the world’s largest ecommerce companies to protect all of their customers.

The XCover platform includes an easy-to-use API integration to promote, sell, and manage insurance products provided by Cover Genius underwriting partners. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with any ecommerce platform and sell any line of insurance products.

This is made possible by the XCover API, a flexible interface based on REST that returns standard HTTP response codes and JSON-encoded responses.

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Integration outline

This outline is intended to provide an overview of the integration workflows for anyone working with an XCover API integration, including (but not limited to): Product & Project Managers, Software Engineers, and Business Analysts.

It demonstrates an example XCover distribution partner with a typical online store.


The store uses XCover API to quote for insurance prices for the product insurance policies and offers to their customer to purchase ancillary insurance products along with the main products. Customers can add the insurance product to their shopping cart and continue to checkout. Alternatively, they can opt-out from the insurance offering and proceed to checkout with the main product only.


After successful checkout, the store calls XCover API to notify about the policies purchased and provides the policyholder information. XCover API will inform customers about all the insurance product features, offer to create an account on to the website where they can modify, renew, cancel the purchased policies, or lodge a claim. XCover takes care of registering the purchased policies with the underwriting partners as well.


If booking Modifications are allowed by the underwriting partner XCover allows booking modification by customers via Alternatively, booking modifications can be triggered by one of the partner's platforms via XCover API.


It can happen that the customer is not happy with the product purchased and wants to return it. XCover API offers cancellation workflows that allow the previously issued policy to be canceled and refunded automatically in this case.

Renewals also offers automatic renewals when it is required by the integration.


Customers can always send a claim via in case if one of the conditions under the policy is triggered. XCover offers highly automated and fast quote assessments and payouts via its XClaim and XPay internal APIs.

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