How are users able to view and understand policy details, and initiate claims?

Claims Handling

Due to their regulated nature, claims are solely handled by Cover Genius. Cover Genius is responsible for all communications with users, claims assessment and claims payments. Users can lodge the claim on by completing an online, pre-filled form, provide a description of the situation/event and provide any supporting information or documents required. Generally, in situations where customers contact your platform in regards to claims, they should be redirected to

First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

Users will need to submit a first notice of loss form (FNOL) in order for claims to be assessed. Generally, this is completed by a logged in user at

Claim Assessment

Claims will be assessed by Cover Genius via our in-house claims assessment system. We leverage our technology and existing policy data to provide efficient and automated approval process, and fast electronic claims payment.

Medical and Emergency Claims

Medical assistance and medical-related claims may be handled by our underwriting partners directly. Cover Genius works with our underwriters to create a user-centric workflow to ensure a smooth process relevant to your use case.

Can we integrate claims submission ourselves?

Generally, claims are solely managed by Cover Genius. If you wish to discuss integrating claims submission into your experience, please contact your partnership manager.

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