Displaying the Quote

Presenting the Insurance/Protection offer in the purchase path

Partners will often present an insurance offer after customers have selected a core product (such as a laptop, travel booking, event tickets, etc.). There are key components to presenting an insurance/protection offer, where 1-3 are dynamic from API response, and the items under 4 are static (provided or approved by Cover Genius CSE):

  1. Price

  2. Disclaimer

  3. Policy wording link

  4. Product name, inclusions, panel content, Trustpilot banner, and graphical elements.

Cover Genius offers a standard or customised design structure optimised for the partner specific use case (ie. Travel, Parcel, Ticket, Retail, etc.). A Travel example is presented below:

Legend: Red = Static content , Blue = API response

A Trustpilot.com rating for XCover, demonstrates reliability

B Inclusions content, taken from XCover supplied content

API Response content:

1. Price, per ticket (division of "total_price"by number of travellers/units) or full price if in "add" button ("total_price")

2. Disclaimer, taken from "content":{ "disclaimer"} field

3. Policy Wording, taken from the "pds_url" quote response field, for example: "view wording" as a hyperlink of: "https://www.xcover.com/en/pds/ABCD-1234-INS"

Generally, the quote display should address:

  1. Customer relevance - Does the quote/product presentation make sense for this purchase flow?

  2. Compliance and regulatory requirements - Does the offer meet requirements for disclaimers, price, statements of fact, and availability of policy wording?

  3. Marketing copy and trust - Is the offer likely to be understood and selected by the customer? Is the offer trusted/compelling?

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