Apple Private Relay

How to add Cover Genius domains to your Apple Private Relay Email Sources

Due to the regulated nature of insurance customers must receive email communication about their coverage from the licensed entity distributing the insurance.

Usually, customers will receive these emails from our brands, and with no issues. The advent of new and convenient sign-up/in methods such as "Sign in with Apple" allows users to use an anonymous email address. When a user provides such an address to your app or website, the private relay email service routes all emails between you and the user. A private relay email service sends email to a recipient using an automatically generated email address. This hides the real email address to preserve privacy.

By default, this prevents third parties such as Cover Genius and its associated brands from sending emails to customers who opt into this service which presents a compliance issue for Cover Genius and you as a distribution partner.

Thankfully Apple provides a simple process for adding third-party domains. If you currently allow customers to "Sign in with Apple" or are planning to in the future please follow these steps to ensure customers receive emails from Cover Genius and its associated brands:

  1. In Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, click More in the sidebar, then click Configure under Sign in with Apple for Email Communication.

  2. In the Email Sources section, click the add button (+) on the top left.

  3. Copy the following comma-delimited list:,,,,,

  4. Paste the comma-delimited list of Cover Genius domains that will be used for email communication, then click Next.

  5. Confirm your entered email sources and click Register.

  6. The table will display if the registered email source domain passed an SPF check.

All SPF checks should pass, if there is an issue please get in touch with your assigned CSE (Client Solutions Engineer) or Partner Growth Manager.

Customers will now be able to receive email communication from Cover Genius and its associated brands.

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