Events / Tickets

Event cancellation insurance or warranties - Offered via event or ticket booking platforms

Ticket and event sales services can present relevant cancellation insurance or ticket warranty policies in the event purchase booking path. Commonly, partners will integrate XCover using two key purchase process API calls: create quote and create booking. See a collection of common requests for this integration type, by contacting your CSE. Most integrations follow the below high level flow of events:

1. User browses event options and 2. Selects a event/ticket package 3. Partner platform sends a quote package payload to the create quote endpoint 4. User selects insurance options 5. User pays for tickets and insurance at checkout 6. Payment collection 7. Partner sends a booking request to the create booking endpoint 8. XCover sends confirmation email including policy details and partner sends purchase confirmation and tax invoice.

Post sale processes

Modification - Only non financial modifications are applicable for this policy type.

Cancellation - Due to the nature of event/cancellation policies cancellations are restricted in line with relevant regulations.

In circumstances where a customer chooses to purchase tickets, but not the insurance offer. An opt-out request is used to notify XCover of a non-opted insurance quote. This assists with pricing and product offer data analysis and ultimately improved offers and sales results.

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