Quote/Policy Status

An XCover Quote Package and individual Quotes within a Quote Package can transition between several different statuses. Below is a state diagram of these transitions and their conditions.

The XCover API operates with a set number of states that a quote can rest in. RECEIVED: Refers to an initial quote creation state - this is not a live policy, but may be booked from this state. CONFIRMED: A booked policy, this policy is confirmed as being paid for and activated. It may be active or expired. May be cancellable or modifiable, and can be claimed against. CANCELLED: A cancelled policy cannot be claimed against, or modified. DELETED: A rare status that depicts a removed quote/booking. PENDING_PAYMENT: Only relevant for quotes that are booked using the require_payment_confirmation flag during a create booking request (usually followed by the confirm booking request) end state if confirmed will be CONFIRMED. FAILED: A failed quote status. RENEWED: A state used to depict a renewed prior booked policy (for example after an annual renewal payment is confirmed).


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