Purchase Workflow Overview

The XCover platform enables efficient, flexible, and compliant offer and sale of any line of insurance within a partner web experience. Some examples include: - A public facing Online Travel Agent selling flight and accomodation packages, with related travel and cancellation insurance. - A merchant facing shipping management platform selling parcel and shipping insurance. - An ecommerce retail marketplace facilitating sales and offering warranties and or insurance policies for relevant products. In most integrations XCover policies are attached to one or more main products or services. An example of main product is a laptop purchased from an online store, flight tickets, hotel reservations, etc. Depending on the partner integration, the insurance offering is typically placed in the main product booking path. Common Request Flow: 1. Quote The initial status after the Quote Request is RECEIVED 2. Booking After customers complete the booking process and insurance premiums are collected by the partner a request to the booking endpoint must be made. A CONFIRMED INS is considered booked, sold, provisioned, and will result in a policy confirmation being submitted to the user. A simple example of such integration is demonstrated below.
Simple insurance purchase workflow