Error Types

Error type and management

API Errors

(Stated in headers): In API Guide, global environment based Basic approach: “Does the API respond with a 20X response?” Useful for: - General API function - Confirmation of actions - Basic operation validation

Example of use: - Was a quote request received? - Was a booking request received? - Was there any full failures

Logic Errors

Logic errors are present in API response body, are case by case, and policy based. They are often the indicator of a problem with the booking or quote, and may represent a partial booking failure. Always look for the "errors" array. Basic approach: “Does the request contain any content concerns, or logical failures?” Useful for: - Calculation issues - Confirmation over various state actions (does a booking match a quote expectation) - In depth rule validation Example of use: - Was a quote request valid? - Was a booking request complete, were there any partial failures?

Logic error management:

  1. All quotes in a quote or booking request should be confirmed individually (not just package, or package status). An erroneous quote will return a "null" response for the object. Example:

  2. Booking request items should be confirmed similarly Example, basic elements present, first quote id sent also present

  3. Booking request shouldn't have errors, mismatched values, or null quote responses

In the below example, the booking was successful, but partially failed due to a component quote having a logic error.

  1. A null quote component will result in a differing value for the policy bundle, even in a confirmed state.

Understanding and monitoring for these response variations and errors will greatly reduce misalinged bookings and improve customer satisfaction.

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