Parcel / Shipping

Total Shipping Insurance - Offered to Merchants or Consumers

Shipping services and platforms offering parcel shipping, or marketplaces connected to 3rd party logistics services (3PL's) can enable the offer and or attachment of parcel insurance policies in the purchase path. Commonly, partners will integrate XCover using two key purchase process API calls: create quote and create booking. 💡 See a collection of common requests for this integration type. Many integrations follow the below high level flow of events:

1. User creates a shipment order 3. Partner platform sends a quote package payload to the create quote endpoint 4. User selects insurance option/s 5. User pays for shipment and insurance - this is often a debit of merchants shipping account wallet 6. Partner sends a booking request payload to the create booking endpoint 7. Confirmation of the coverage is presented to the user

Post sale processes

Cancellation In the event that a shipment label is not collected, and rendered void by the platform (within appropriate timeframes) the policy booking may be cancelled.

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